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Cheers to the planet!

Our story

Did you know that after brewing beer, a large part of the grain is left over? Beer grain! In the Netherlands alone, we produce 560 million kilos of beer grain every year.

Beer grain is tasty and healthy. Yet, we don't eat it. We at Brewlicious think that's rather odd. Grains that are good enough for brewing beer are good enough for us to eat, right? That's why we make sure that beer grain stays in our food chain.

By incorporating beer grain into our products, we avoid food waste. We reduce CO2 emissions. And ensure less farmland and fresh water is needed to produce our food.

That means that with every bite of Brewlicious you take, you directly contribute to a cleaner world! How about those karma points?!

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This is how Brewlicious makes a difference

At Brewlicious, we say 'Cheers to the planet!'. Find out how we do so here:

We keep beer grain in our food chain in its entirety

Brewlicious prevents suboptimal use of beer grain

Brewlicious is packed by people who are distanced from the labour market

We lower CO2 emissions caused by food production

Brewlicious lowers the need for arable land

Brewlicious is packed using the most sustainable materials possible

Close the loop!

Bars, bites and lots more to come

We have only just begun. And we are already proud of our tasty crunchy bars and delicious cheese bites. Our products are made with upcycled beer grain; the part of the grain that remains after beer is brewed. The brewers have taken the sugars out of the grain - which is what we needed to eat less of anyway. This way, we can use what we need to eat more of: good fibres and strong proteins. It's a win-win!

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