Yes, here they are!
Meet our crunchy bars and delicious bites.

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Discover our crunchy bars and delicious bites

Good food from the brew bakery!

Crunchy bars with a tasty twist!

Our crunchy bars are tasty and healthy snacks that you can take on the go. Choose one of our 3 delicious flavours and enjoy their crispyness! All of our bars are:

  • Nutriscore B
  • Rich in fibre
  • 100% vegan
  • Made with at least 16% beer grain

And always contain less than 20% sugar and are free of artificial colours, flavours, fragrances and preservatives.

Apple & Cinnamon

Apple &

Mmm, wonderfully familiar
and always delicious!

Choco & Cranberry

Choco &

Treat yourself
to this yummy chocolate flavour.

Apricot & Ginger

Apricot &

Light, air, spring;
our bar with a little kick inside.

Delicious bites to go with your drinks

Now you can drink your beer and eat it too. Our yummy bites team up perfectly with your beer, wine or even mocktail. Finished off with 3 different savoury cheeses, there's one for everyone! All of our bites are:

Rich in fibre

Source of protein

Made with at least 10% beer grain

Low in sugar

Free of artificial colouring, flavours,
fragrances and preservatives

Bake the future!


Want to experience yourself what beer grain tastes like? Try our crunchy bars! They're available in Apple Cinnamon flavour. Should you have an opinion about which flavour should be launched next? Choco Cranberry or Apricot Ginger? Send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!