Brewlicious keeps beer grain in the food chain.


Upcycling steps

This is how we do it

Farmers and brewers

Farmers grow the most wonderful grains. To feed us. Brewers brew tasty beers from them. Mmm, cheers! But did you know that after brewing beer, a substantial part of the grain remains? Beer grain! Beer grain is delicious. And packed with fibre and protein. Yet we don't eat it. Crazy, right?!

Keep food food

With our innovative products, we keep beer grain in the food chain. This is how we prevent food waste. Reduce CO2 emissions. And make sure less farmland and fresh water is needed to produce our food. Pretty cool, isn't it, that every bite of Brewlicious you take directly contributes to a cleaner world!

Testing, testing, testing...

Beer grain consists of fibre and proteins mainly. There hardly are any sugars and starches left in the grain as these are retained in the beer. How a unique ingredient with such a special composition can properly be processed in our food? After many (failed) tests and even more trials, we now know all about that!

Our products

Want to experience yourself what beer grain tastes like? Try our crunchy bars! They're available in Apple Cinnamon flavour. Should you have an opinion about which flavour should be launched next? Choco Cranberry or Apricot Ginger? Send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!

Why is Brewlicious so good for you?

Sure, our snacks are so delicious: they are fingerlicking good.
But did you know beer grain also makes them a lot healthier?

Brewlicious is full of fibre. For healthy bowels in a happy tummy.

Brewlicious contains less salt. Thank you, beer grain!

Thanks to beer grain, Brewlicious contains fewer calories. They stay in the beer :)

The powerful plant protein from beer grain helps build your cells.

Brewlicious is always suitable for vegetarians. And some of our products are even vegan.

Brewlicious contains fewer sugars and fats. Enjoying without feeling guilty, yummy!

Up-up we go!

Want to say cheers to the planet together?

Excited about Brewlicious? Want to know more about our products? Cool! Please get in touch with our team. We'd love to get to know you over a delicious, sustainable snack made with beer grain.

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